6 Stunning Staycation Spots Within 4 Hours Of Auckland

By Megan Zara Walsh

Taupo, New Zealand

Did someone say ‘road trip’?

Planning a trip for Easter? Perhaps you just need a weekend getaway? Whatever it is, we´ve tracked down the best staycations, all within a four hour drive of Auckland. With these lovely spots, you can still abide by the rules, happily invest money in the economy, and rediscover the delights of your homeland.

1. Roturua

First up, Rotorua is probably one of the most underrated places on the planet. This magical land is only a two hour and 40 minute drive from Auckland. Known as Sulphur City, it is renowned for its bubbling mud pools, breathtaking hikes, natural hot springs and fascinating Maori culture. Perfect for a romantic getaway or an adventure trip with the kids. Catering for any budget with an endless selection of accommodation on offer, you´ll end up pining for a visit after seeing their captivating Instagram feed. Quick! Get yourself there before summer ends.

2. Coromandel

Cathedral Cove
Photo Credit: thecoromandel.com

Prepare to unwind in this cute gold-mining town, which is one of the finest destinations to visit in New Zealand. It’s specifically known for its more relaxed way of life and stunning coastal scenery. From magnificent beaches, incredible hikes, delicious food — you´ll fall into a realm of tranquility. Fun activities could include visiting museums or Driving Creek Railway, which is an old train ride in the mountain forests. Alternatively, you could opt for something closer to the sea by visiting Cathedral Cove Rock or taking part in fishing, kayaking and diving. All perfect for those insta-worthy shots! Undoubtedly, Coromandel is fantastic for a Level 2 getaway—and it’s just two hours and 15 minutes from Auckland!

3. Napier

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

This picturesque sight of carefully preserved world-class 1930s architecture is the greatest tourist attraction in Hawke´s Bay. Interestingly, a 1931 earthquake was responsible for this seaside resort, which gives you all the Great Gatsby vibes through its art deco facades, vintage cars and streetscapes. It´s totally worth the four hour drive if you ask me! Perfect for any type of getaway, but especially for all you foodies! With the amount of jaw-dropping places to eat, you´ll be in ultimate bliss.

4. Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

This enchanting coastal spot promises to take your relationship to the next level after a romantic trip here. At some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you can try all sorts of amusing water activities, chow down on some tasty seafood, and solely invest in your partner. Excellent for a family staycation too as you can opt to go on forest adventures or visit one of New Zealand´s most active volcanoes. Only two hours and 25 minutes from Auckland, it offers the most pleasurable and enjoyable experience.


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5. Gisborne

Sun, sea and wine! What more could you want? This incredible wine region is only a four hour drive from Auckland and has the most incredible landscape, some stunning wine trails to boutique wineries, and a classic history. As the only city on the planet to see sun everyday, you sun worshippers will be in paradise! Surfing is extremely popular in this area with numerous surf beaches located along the coast. Consequently, this is closest you will get to a tropical sun holiday, so what are you waiting for? Now that summer is coming to a close, you’d better book your visit here ASAP.

6. Taupo

This tranquil haven is the best place to experience hot pools, cycling routes and terrific adrenaline activities. That´s right! You´re just three hours and 13 minutes away from discovering natural wonders, taking in majestic views of Lake Taupo, and most importantly, soothing your tensions and unwinding after a long week. Seriously, one dip in the natural hot springs and all of your troubles will vanish. Fantastic for influencers and photographers alike as its guaranteed to get you those well-deserved likes. Visit their Instagram feed for more tempting images.

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