This Italian Bakery Is The Perfect Spot For Sweet-Toothed Aucklanders • AMANO

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This Italian Bakery Is The Perfect Spot For Sweet-Toothed Aucklanders • AMANO

It’s time. Time to treat yourself.

Yes, we need to do this properly. This spot is one of the finest spots to go when treating oneself, so buckle up and listen to what’s in store for you. [Featured Image: @amano_nz, Instagram].

AMANO deals in all kinds of baked goodness. Once you’re in, you’re in. You won’t be able to resist the temptation of more heaven droplets from here.

And, we really can’t bring up AMANO if the first thing we mention isn’t their divine cinnamon rolls. When combined with a coffee and cosied up in a warm place, is there really anything better in the whole world?

Their entire baked produce hits the spot in every way. Whether it’s a quick pain au chocolat in the morning, or a cheeky, stacked up strawberry and vanilla mascarpone doughnut for an afternoon treat, you’re guaranteed to be weak at the knees after your experience.


Anything you’re in the mood for, you’ll find a variant at AMANO. Chocolate, caramel, raspberry, apple, vanilla — you name it. There’s a baked snack for everything.

Moreover, they serve fine, fresh bread every day to give you something fluffy and warm to go with your lunch. Sandwiches just hit differently with the slices these guys conjure up.

And, if all that wasn’t enough, there’s an entire savoury menu to sink your teeth into while you’re there. From Hampshire pork tagliatelle to chargrilled squid to carpaccio, you’ll need to surf through all these wonderful dishes to try them all.

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