Kiwi’s Can Now Shop From Amazon Australia In New Zealand With Rapid Deliveries

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New Zealand Deliveries

Amazon Australia has launched a delivery service to New Zealand.

Praise the lord, Kiwi shoppers can now delight in online deliveries from e-commerce website, Amazon Australia. Already, New Zealand customers only had access to the US storefront which meant slower and more expensive deliveries.

This online store is home to millions of products, with absolutely anything and everything you can think of. From clothes to food to electrical supplies, you’ll find anything you need at a bargain price. Therefore, New Zealand retailers now face major competition.

Excitingly, Kiwi’s can avail of the likelihood of cheaper and rapid deliveries. For instance, customers can expect to pay as little as $2.99 for deliveries to places like Auckland and Christchurch. While, products may be delivered within three working days.

Amazon To New Zealand
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Fantastically, New Zealand businesses can register through Go Sell Global to sell their products within the country using Amazon Australia. Some homegrown New Zealand companies already using the platform include Bella Honey and The Herb Farm.


Amazon Australia first launched in 2017. The warehouses are based in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. Although, NZ-based retailers who use the platform to sell, will be able to send their products out from New Zealand.

Consequently, Kiwi’s can ditch shopping on the Amazon US website and use this as a faster and more affordable option. Likewise, it will be easier than ever to return unwanted items via the in-person pickups or drop-offs at any DHL location with a paid postage stamp.

What are you waiting for? Shop now via the Amazon.com.au website.

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