What You Think Auckland Would Be As A Movie During L4 Lockdown

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Auckland As A Movie Lockdown

If Auckland was a movie, what movie would it be?

To boost your mood during lockdown, we asked our followers on both Instagram and Facebook to compare Auckland to movies. To our delight, we received hundreds of comments that made us roll off the couch laughing. Although, we appreciate all of you Aucklanders humour, we’ve narrowed down a couple of the best and most popular answers.

1. Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Shockingly, this was the most popular answer with most of our audience comparing Auckland to this 1993 American fantasy comedy. Indeed, you all feel like Phil when he wakes up every morning to learn he is reliving the same day repeatedly. Indeed, you have to laugh at this one, but lucky for us, level three is on the horizon.

2. Home Alone

Home Alone Auckland As A Movie

Comically, it appears that many of you are feeling like Kevin in the Home Alone franchise. Have you been left alone? Perhaps, your family or housemates escaped to the glorious land of level three. Let’s hope no thieves try to break into your house.¬†When in doubt, watch Kevin’s master plans for some noteworthy tactics in the event this happens.

3. Outbreak

movie Auckland comments

Many of our followers compared Auckland to this 1995 thriller movie. It tells the story of a deadly virus that starts infecting the population, check, carried by a monkey host from Africa (in our case we have no clarity on where COVID-19 came from), and where scientists are struggling to find a cure, another tick in the box from us. Certainly, an epic comparison.

4. 28 Days Later

movie Auckland

A large number of Aucklanders commented this answer. And we couldn’t help but howl with laughter at the dramatics. Indeed, the plot of the 2002 post-apocalyptic horror film is quite relatable in the sense that people are trying to evade a contagious virus and society has broken down due to this disease. However, your life isn’t as horrifying as the survivors in this movie who face mass destruction, zombies and much more. Meanwhile, you sit on your couch eating home-baking and watching Netflix.

5. The Hunger Games

Auckland As A Movie Hunger Games

According to a couple of you, Auckland is like these movies. Now, Jacinda Ardern hasn’t started a district hunger games tournament yet, so you can hold off on this one. However, this gave us quite the giggle.

6. The Never Ending Story

Movie Auckland
Photo Credit: The Never Ending Story

This 1984 fantasy movie was another title people compared Auckland to. Now, this could have two meanings, you are either escaping from reality, like Bastain, through fiction or other means, or else, you feel like you are living the same journey over and over again. Sound about right?

7. Contagion

Auckland Movie Contagion

Definitely, we have to agree with this answer. It’s probably the same comparison to every lockdown city worldwide at the moment. Indeed, worldwide panic has set in, and the CDC, healthcare professionals and governments are struggling to contain this virus for almost two years now.

8. Dawn Of The Dead

Auckland As Movie

Another comical answer from a couple of you. Apparently, you are feeling like the survivors hiding from flesh-eating zombies in this 2004 American horror film. Well, count your lucky stars that one hasn’t happened yet.


9. Escape From Alcatraz

Escape From Alcatraz Auckland

Auckland was also compared to this 1979 American action movie. We can totally agree with the feelings of imprisonment, and wanting to escape from Auckland, in this case, a prison for most of you. Anyways, level three is coming, so you don’t need to plan your big escape yet.

10. Nightmare On Elm Street

Auckland Movie

Certainly, this answer gave us a laugh. Come on now guys, you don’t have to flee from a psycho killer who wants to butcher you and everyone you know. Well, yet.

11. The Maze Runner

Auckland as a movie

Indeed, these movies are a tad on the relatable side. In these movies, scientists are battling against the clock to find a cure for a deadly virus. But, you can relax, nobody you know has been plucked from society, and thrown into a terrifying maze as part of an experiment to find a cure.

12. World War Z

Auckland as a movie

Aucklanders just love a good zombie comparison with another science-fiction end-of-the-world blockbuster. Again, you can count your blessings nobody with COVID-19 has turned into a zombie and is coming for you yet.

13. Titanic

Auckland as a movie

Apparently Auckland is like the sinking Titanic. We can’t quite get our heads around this one? Perhaps, you are being kept from your lover during level four, like Rose and Jack, and you feel like the virus is in the way of your relationship? Tell us if we’re correct. Let’s hope you don’t have to wait 84 years…

14. The Hangover

Auckland as a movie

Many users said that they felt Auckland was like The Hangover movies. Comically, you must have turned your home into Vegas, and you are suffering with extreme headaches from the night before. Let’s hope none of your housemates have gone missing though…

15. Revenge Of The Nerds

Auckland as a movie

One follower suggested Auckland was like this 1984 American comedy movie series. Allegedly, the scientists are the ”Nerds” in our case, and they are taking revenge on us for dismissing their claims about the world. Of course, we are dramatizing this for comedy purposes.

Other funny answers:

Some witty Auckland users thought this a comical time to comment movies that don’t even exist. And we’re totally here for it. Some example are Go Home Stay Home, Traffic Jam, All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go, I’m An Aucklander Get Me Out Of Here, and finally, The Great Escape, which received many funny reactions.

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