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This German Eatery Is Offering Bottomless Meat And Cheese Boards Until The End Of February

By Jack Saddler

Bottoms up!

If you’ve still got room for food after the many a summer feast, then we’ve got just the spot for you. [Featured image: @the.bavarian, Instagram].

The Bavarian specialises in meat, cheese and trayfuls of delicious beers to keep the evening merry.

And, until the end of February, the Newmarket favourites are serving up bottomless meat and cheese boards, so you can continue stuffing your face this summer! Everyone in their right mind should be taking up this offer.

For $25 per head, you can gorge on the boards filled to the brim with selections of cheese, Prager ham, liverwurst, pretzels, gherkins, sauces and more. Add aaaaall the beers to this and you’ve got yourself a perfect day out.


On Sundays, there’s even an offer to boost the occasion. You and your partners in crime can order jugs full of summery cocktails for $20 to pair with your bottomless boards.

Diners have 90-minutes to eat as much as they can handle, with staff on hand to replenish the boards.

This offer runs until February 28, 2021. Visit The Bavarian’s website to find more information.

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