This Smoke And Spice Festival Is Bringing An Early BBQ Season To Town • Culley’s Smoke And Spice Festival

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This Smoke And Spice Festival Is Bringing An Early BBQ Season To Town • Culley’s Smoke And Spice Festival

Early BBQ, you say?

Summer is approaching in an attempt to bring some light to the fairly dreadful year that has been 2020. And, that really means one thing…BBQ season, baby! [Featured Image: Emerson Vieira, Unsplash].

But, if like us you really can’t wait any longer, don’t you worry. There’s an event coming up that will scratch those itches. In this case, you’ll be needing a good taste for all the hot and spicy meat.

Culley’s Smoke And Spice Festival, Facebook

Culley’s hot sauce is bringing a festival of all things hot and spicy to Auckland. This also happens to be Auckland’s very first “smoke and spice festival”, and promises you all things live, music beers and, of course, barbecue grub. All the barbecue grub.

Smoke And Spice Festival is set to run from midday into the night of November 21 at Shed 10, and has a hectic schedule to guarantee all the fun and delicious food for everybody. You can even get involved with some meat cooking masterclasses so you’re in good practice for when the true barbecue season hits. These will cover all things hot or slow cooking to give you some variety.


Elsewhere, you can take part in the burning-your-mouth-off-challenge aka the chilli-pepper eating competition, before trying out some free samples of meat to try and neutralise that heat in your mouth. Then you can grab an ice-cool beer and head to the dancefloor.

There’s music from DJ Dan Aux to provide all the good vibes throughout the day. If you’re a little tired of dancing, you can head to the many local pop-ups and get a tattoo or a haircut. After all, it’s a festival! Grab a handcrafted ice-cream as you’re walking out and count down the minutes ’till next year.

Find out all the details of Culley’s Smoke and Spice festival here.

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