3 Online Escape Room Games To Test Your Wits And Spark Your Sense Of Adventure At Home

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3 Online Escape Room Games To Test Your Wits And Spark Your Sense Of Adventure At Home

It’s adventure time with these at-home escape room games.

If you’re looking for ways to pass the time so that you don’t start climbing walls and running out of the house while in lockdown, then Escapade has some good news for you. The Kiwi escape game experts are bringing the fun of their in-person escape rooms into our homes with online multiplayer remote-play escape games. Challenge those living in your bubble or test yourself against friends and family living in different locations to find out who really is the smartest, wittiest or quickest thinker you know.

1. The Forest Adventure Escape Game App

Escape from the boredom of lockdown and dive into this at-home adventure where you will need to come together to retrieve the treasure map from across the raging river using just household items, your wits and a bit of creativity. Without it, you won’t be able to find the gold, the jewels, the money—whatever it is that is marked by the X.

It’s a race to get to the map before it is ruined by the rain or if you’re challenging friends and family living in another bubble, before they get their hands on it and get to the treasure before you. But to do that you’ll need to solve a tricky set of clues and puzzles. Do you have the problem-solving skills to find the treasure?

Find out with The Forest Adventure Escape Game App from Escapade.

2. The Navigators Online Escape Experience

On your prize-winning tour of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California you and your friends begin to realise that something is not quite adding up. Something is off and the sneaking suspicion grows and grows until a call comes in from far far away which you need to answer. But, how?

With built-in video chat, talk to your teammates across the country to come up with a strategy, a solution and solve the mystery of the call from the beyond. It’s up to you to save the day.

Do you have what it takes to answer the call?

3. Mad Pharaoh Online Escape Experience

The Mad Pharaoh has risen after thousands of years entombed and he is seeking vengeance upon the world. He is the maddest of mummies with the evilest plan and in this point-and-click adventure you will need to figure out a way to stop him from wreaking further havoc on a world that is already suffering.

Starring the voice of Peter Parker and Spiderman, Yuri Lowenthal, accept the challenge and come up with a strategy with your friends via the in-built video chat to put the Mad Pharaoh back in his tomb.

It won’t be easy, but the fate of humanity rests with you.

Priced between $25-$29, all three Escapade games can be played day or night. And with the option of playing in your own bubble or with friends and family across the country, they make for a challenging experience that will bring you together despite being apart. That is, unless, you’re all after the treasure map.

Test your wits and have some fun with The Forest Adventure Game App, The Mad Pharaoh or The Navigators escape experience. Better yet, see if you can master all three!

Mad Pharaoh Online Escape Experience

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