Auckland Welcomes Brand New Korean Eatery Serving Up Some Hot Grub • Gochu

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Auckland Welcomes Brand New Korean Eatery Serving Up Some Hot Grub • Gochu

You can’t go wrong with Korean cuisine.

Gochu has landed in Auckland and it promises to be absolutely marvellous. If you’re a fan of the wonders of Korean cooking you’re in for a treat. [Featured Image: @gochugotyou, Instagram].

Will you be sailing through their doors demanding some KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)? Or will you take on some Wagyu beef and noodles? Perhaps you’ll request some of their divine seared kingfish and scallops? Whatever piques your interest, you can be sure it will hit the spot when topped off with an ice cold beer, house wines or one of Gochu’s colourful cocktails.

And, of course, there’s some mouthwatering desserts on offer to put the icing on the cake. To add to the cocktails, sweet-toothed Aucklanders will be in heaven among the bingsoo, which is shaved ice dessert. Feast on dulce de leche with marshmallows, among many other toppings, until you’re in a dreamy food coma.


Chefs Jason Kim and Nathan Lord are the cooks behind Auckland’s new spot, delivering their take on the exquisite flavours of Korea. Gochu’s menu is heavily inspired by Jason’s childhood, which he spent in Seoul. The restaurant uses the motto “Gochu got you”, and with these dishes, that’s certainly true.

Gochu also promises a wonderful view of the Ferry building while you dine, as it sits on the second floor of the new Commercial bay precinct. It truly has all the makings of terrific dining experience.

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