Look Out: It’s A Margarita Masterclass With Award-Winning Mexican Chef Luis Cabrera

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Look Out: It’s A Margarita Masterclass With Award-Winning Mexican Chef Luis Cabrera

You’re about to learn how to make a mean margarita in this margarita masterclass with Luis Cabrera.

Luis Cabrera is the head chef of Besos Latinos, but the man who revolutionised Latin American cuisine in New Zealand has a passion for making a mean margarita and he’s keen to show you just how to make the meanest margarita possible.

It’s his personal recipe, so grab hold of your margarita-loving amigos and show up to class.

Luis Cabrera’s personal recipe favours Patrón tequila. Its flavour is clean, light and subtle with hints of citrus, pepper and a few other notes for those with a sensitive nose. It’s a classic tasting tequila and if you want to make a Luis Cabrera margarita, you’re going to want to get your hands on a bottle of Patrón.

However, we’ve asked and Luis has said that you can actually use any 100% Agave Tequila (e.g. Jimador, Herradura, Don Julio, etc.) That’s 100% Agave because all the fermented sugars that are distilled to become the tequila come from the Blue Weber agave plant. And 100% Agave tequila just tastes better. Full stop.

Then, to make the margarita, you will also need one bottle of Triple Sec or Cointreau, one litre of lime juice, 200g of sugar, 50g of flaky salt, five grams of chilli powder and plenty of ice cubes. In terms of equipment, a shaker would be handy but it’s not essential. Instead, use a regular water bottle with a wide lid. Or even a blender.

Judging by the ingredients, you’re about to make a whole lot of margarita. Don’t be surprised if you’re blowing Latin kisses by the time class is out!

The margarita masterclass by head chef of Besos Latinos Luis Cabrera takes place on Sunday 3 October at 2:30pm via Zoom.

Sign up below and learn to make the perfect Patrón margarita.

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