Pair Tasty Indian Steet Food With Drinks at Plan B Lounge For A Flavourful Feast · Plan B Lounge

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Pair Tasty Indian Steet Food With Drinks at Plan B Lounge For A Flavourful Feast · Plan B Lounge

Pair tasty Indian bites with drinks at Plan B Lounge.

Plan B Lounge makes amazing-tasting Indian food. And with everything made fresh in their kitchen, from their paneer to their homemade spice blends, they’re hard to beat for authentic southern Indian bites. Especially their chicken. You should definitely try their specialty chicken.

What’s more, though, is that Plan B Lounge is also an awesome craft beer bar with hundreds of beers in the fridge and we all know that beer goes great with chicken. But beer is not all that’s on offer at Plan B.

Grab a ticket to one of Plan B Lounge’s tasting sessions with Indian Street Food and discover all the flavour combinations for yourself.

Plan B Lounge have also got plenty of organic wines to choose from for those that want to get on the vino, a selection of distilled spirits as well to tempt you into a stronger tipple, and some simply mouth-watering tasting sessions paired with all these drinks and more to discover the amazing combinations of spice and flavour.

For one, Plan B have put together a vodka tasting session featuring five premium vodkas including Skyy and Finlandia paired with five tasting platters of Indian street food like pani puri, potato flatters and, of course, their specialty chicken.

Keeping with the white spirits, there is also a gin tasting session to tantalise your taste buds with Bombay Sapphire, Kawakawa and Greater Than London Dry Indian Gin. These are paired with tasting platters of paneer 999, onion bhajji and Hyderabad fried chicken.

If you prefer your alcoholic beverage to be a colour other than white, then Plan B’s whisky tasting is for you. At this tasting session, connoisseurs will get to savour six drops of the water of life including four single malts. Sip on a Glenfiddich and then nibble on a seaside momo or pick at some masala fries for an explosion of spice and bite.

Or, make a beeline for Plan B’s Cocktail Tasting session and pair these tasty dishes and more with up to four cocktails to blend tangy and sweet, sour and spice.

Craft beer and organic wine tasting sessions are also available with sessions featuring some of the best New Zealand breweries (Urbaunet, Behemoth and Liberty Brewing Company) and wineries (Man O’ War, Villa Maria and Big Bunch). At these, you can sip up to ten pours in your two-hour tasting session and snack on lip-smacking samosa chaats.

Whether it’s lunch, after-work drinks or dinner, Plan B Lounge have got you sorted. And for just $49, these two-hour tasting sessions offer incredible value and variety for a thirst-quenching and tongue-tingling celebration of food and drink.

Plan B’s tasting sessions take place on multiple days so to check out all that they have on offer, take a look below or head on over here for a full listing of what’s coming up and when.

Plan B have also got an Indian Dosa Tasting where diners will be able to try two flavourful dosas of their choosing served with peanut chutney, coconut chutney, ginger chutney and Sambal. The dosas are normally priced at around $15 each, so to get two plus a beer, juice or soft drink is a great offer.

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