Get Your Hands Dirty And Make A Mug At This Pottery Workshop By Falcon Grey Ceramics

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Get Your Hands Dirty And Make A Mug At This Pottery Workshop By Falcon Grey Ceramics

Falcon Grey Ceramics will show you that pottery is much more than you think it is.

We have our fingers crossed that the number of Covid cases continues to drop around the country—especially here in Auckland. Then, we can get back to enjoying life and doing things that are outside our own home with family and friends we haven’t seen in a good while, like this pottery workshop.

Seriously. Pottery is great fun. It’s creative, messy, stress-relieving, and great for your skin

At this workshop, participants will be able to design and make their own bespoke mug. All materials will be provided—clay, firing and decoration—so all you need to do is get down there and get your hands dirty. And then, you have a mug to keep or to gift to someone you love. You know what they say, handmade gifts are much more personal.

Come up with a design for your mug and with the guidance of owner and ceramist Siriporn Falcon-Grey, you’ll begin to manipulate the clay using either the slab building or pinch pot technique. You’ll even be able to add your own decorations and markings before leaving your bespoke mug for firing and picking it up at a later date.

The ‘Make a Mug’ Pottery Workshop takes place at Falcon Grey Ceramic studio (Onehunga Community House) on Sunday 14 November at 10am. Hopefully that’s enough time for us to go down a level or two and for you to think up a design for your own bespoke mug.

Sign up for the workshop below.

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