There’s A Secret Party In Town But You’ll Need To Solve The Clues To Find Out Where It Is

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

There’s A Secret Party In Town But You’ll Need To Solve The Clues To Find Out Where It Is

Earn your right to party with the Secret Party Quest.

Behind the locked door, there is a disco going on. There’s also a DJ battle heating up the decks and music performances blowing up the pop-up stages as well as glow-in-the-dark painting activities with Queen of Hearts.

However, to find the locked door and be allowed into the party, you’re first going to need to put on your thinking cap. So, are you enough of a Sherlock to deduce the secret location?

To find the location of the Secret Party and gain entry, hopeful revellers will need to figure out the secret code. To do that, they will need to observe their surroundings, interact with everyday objects and collect the clues to then solve them.

If they’re sharp, then their city quest shouldn’t take them more than a few minutes. But, not everyone is quick on their feet and some will be moving from one location to another overlooking what’s right in front of them. Is that you?

We hope not because everyone deserves to party. 

To go on the Secret Party Quest, partygoers will need to purchase tickets first. Then, one week before the party, they will receive a set of coordinates for one of two meeting points from where their quest to be festive will begin.

From there, they will take possession of a map, a set of codes to break and a few tips to guide them on their way, which shouldn’t take them more than fifteen-twenty minutes.

Once the secret code has been discovered, partygoers will then have access to the Secret Party for one hour where they will dance, draw and revel in all the entertainment with all the other codebreakers. 

The Secret Party Quest is part of Elemental AKL and is brought to us by Papaya Stories, the crew that put together the Silent Disco Citywalk Glow in the Dark and Glen Innes Edition as well as the Golden 20s event in partnership with Windsor Hotel.

It takes place on Friday 23 July at multiple times and the ticket price includes the quest as well as access to the Secret Party for one hour.

As they say, it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey that counts. But in this case, you want to experience them both.

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