Try Shake Out’s New Shake Flavours To Settle A Debate And Win Epic Prizes

Megan Zara Walsh Megan Zara Walsh - Staff Writer

Shake Out New Zealand

Because delicious milkshakes are therapy.

New Zealand’s favourite burger joint, Shake Out, need your help with a debate. On Tuesday September 28, they will release limited edition milkshake flavours, in a controversial combination, that tempts the tastebuds and adds to nostalgia. Indeed, these interesting flavours have divided Aucklanders for decades.

The question is are you team orange chocolate chip or team mint chocolate chip? Because whatever makes your mouth water the most could get you a year’s supply of Shake Out. All you need to do is head down to any nationwide store, after tasting each shake, cast your vote via Instagram Story by uploading a picture with Shake Out’s Team Mint’ or ‘Team Orange’ sticker/GIPHY. Additionally, you need to tag @shakeoutnz

Under Alert Level 3, you can order online and grab-and-go safely without leaving your car.


Excitingly, you have until Monday November 8 to take part. Results will be revealed in November to determine whether we’re a nation of orange or mint lovers. Likewise, one lucky person will win 12 months worth of scrumptious burgers and shakes from Shake Out. Meanwhile, 30 others will be awarded with a free shake for casting their vote. How enticing!

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