Head Down To The Prohibition-Themed Speakeasy Bar On Auckland’s K Road • Sly Bar

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

Head Down To The Prohibition-Themed Speakeasy Bar On Auckland’s K Road • Sly Bar

“The secret ingredient… is crime.”

Well, not quite. But there is a theme at play.

Sly Bar takes the prohibition speakeasy idea and runs with it, creating a mysterious spot for the Auckland drinkers. Hidden behind a shop window of framed photos is the open door to a different world. [Featured Image: kyryll ushakov, Unsplash].

FYI, it wants snitches to stay away. You’ve been warned! This was once the reality of consuming alcohol in the states, where illegal bars had to pop up in the 1900s to provide some entertainment for the locals.

At this speakeasy, you’ll even find another secret door when you enter, adding to the fun. Once you’re settled, you can sip on their lovely cocktails through crystal glasses like you’re a classy undercover boozer. Sly covers the old and the new(er) aesthetic, with candlelit rooms and old books juxtaposed by more contemporary movie posters.


Plus, to match the crime-laced drinks, there’s some devilish grub on offer. Will it be a gourmet hot dog, with french mustard and caramelised onions, to soak up the daiquiris? Or better still, if you have room, there’s the mouthwatering brownie to top your evening delights off.

If you’re brave enough to risk it all, Sly is the adrenaline-filled spot to do your drinking. Bottoms up and watch out for the coppers!

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