A Delicious Vegan Artisanal Ice Cream Spot Has Opened In Parnell • Good Habit Ice Cream

By Jack Saddler November 27, 2020

Calling all vegan ice cream lovers far and wide.

This new artisanal vegan ice cream spot in Parnell  is a new but absolutely essential for foodies in Auckland. [Featured Image: @goodhabiticecream, Instagram].

Good Habit Ice Cream began life at the farmer’s market in Grey Lynn last year, but has since blossomed its plant-based produce into their own store, just in time for the summer bloom.

Their dairy free ice cream will have you rushing back for more as the sun parks into Auckland and you need that delicious refreshment.

Good Habit’s unique concoctions are sure to be a hit, too. Will you go for the classy lavender earl grey flavour, with a second scoop of black sesame? Or perhaps the mint chocolate brownie with an additional helping of grapefruit tonic is what floats your boats.


There’s plenty more where that came from. We can heartily recommended the heavenly matcha marshmallow or the java island flavours.

Good Habit’s menu changes throughout the season, but you can guarantee and delicious and refreshing taste all year round now. Plus, it remains plant-based forever.

Be sure to head down to Good Habit, an already essential part of Parnell. Or, if you’re feeling tired, you can even have the gorgeous creations delivered right to your doorstep. Is this real life?

View a full list of Good Habit flavours right here.

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