8 Of The Best Auckland Lunch & Coffee Deliveries While You Are WFH

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Best Lunch Coffee Deliveries

We all know that weekly feeling of rushing with work, despite being at home, and sometimes, it is just easier to order some grub and a coffee while working. Thankfully, there are a few indulging coffee and lunch deliveries you can order in Auckland to brighten up your day. Here are eight delicious places to order from while working from home.

1. The Coffee Club

Whether you skipped breakfast, you’re craving a lunchtime burger, or you’re undecided, you’ll find a huge selection at this spot. With plenty of options, like an all-day brunch, fresh salads like chicken and grilled halloumi with pumpkin, sandwiches, fish and chips, and more…you’ll be spoilt for choice. Additionally, your lunch will go excellently paired with a hot cup of indulgence like black coffee, caramel lattes, hot mochas, and plenty more options. Order via the Coffee Club website.

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2. Revive Vegan Café

For all those trying to be their healthiest selves during the week, expect the most nutritious salads and top-notch vegan eats at one of the best vegan eateries in Auckland. Highlights include endless salads like curried potato salad, a variety of hotpots, and guilt-free sweet treats like blueberry cheesecake slices. Pair your meal with a refreshing smoothie. Certainly, the spot to get your mind reactivated for working after lunch. Order via Uber Eats.

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3. The Vibes Coffee & Gourmet

For the ultimate coffee fix paired with some delicious affordable Egyptian grub, order from here on Uber Eats. Enjoy a range of indulging pizzas, OTT burgers, kebabs like chicken kebabs on chips with melted cheese, the healthier kebab on rice or salad plates, and lots more. Definitely, you’ll be well-satisfied to power through after lunch.

📍 1 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023, New Zealand

4. The Pie Piper

This 5-star hotspot is credited with having one of the world’s greatest desserts and the best pies in Auckland. But, they also serve a wonderful array of savoury dishes and beverages like coffee. Think Philly cheesesteak, mac & cheese bowls, pizza waffles, all day breakfasts, to name a few. Order your refuel via Uber Eats.

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5. Ripe Deli


Another wholesome eatery to order from while working from home. Select between a range of salads, sandwiches, cabinet food like baked burritos and quesadillas, and even freezer meals like Lasagna, which are the perfect comfort food, full of flavour. Therefore, all you’d need to do is throw your meal in the oven, while you continue to work. Delightfully, they cater for vegan and gluten-free diets. For delivery information, visit the Ripe Deli website.

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6. Delissimo Deli

Expect the most indulging homemade coffee and lunch deliveries from this 5-star eatery. Devour porridge, a selection of salads, chicken pasta dishes, burgers, baked goods and more. Refuel your brain by pairing a hot beverage such as Vietnamese coffee, matcha latte or Americano, with your meal. Check the Delissimo Deli website for delivery information.

📍 48 New North Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

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7. Gorilla Kitchen

This plant-based spot just so happens to have one of the best brunches in Auckland. From jaw-dropping nachos and authentic pizzas, to divine breakfasts like black forest pancakes, and egg omelets, to name a few. You’ll feel healthy in style with everything being 100% plant based. Pair your meal with a hot or cold beverage, like long black coffee, espresso, classic white tea, the list is endless. Order via Uber Eats now.

📍 159 Symonds Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

8. Scarecrow Kitchen

Instead of ordering coffee and lunch deliveries daily, why not purchase a weekly batch of ready made lunch meals from this stylish urban café. With plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, all dieters can have peace of mind here. Think dishes like hot smoked salmon, beef Pomodoro lasagna, spinach and feta pie, to name a few. The meals can last up to 2 weeks in your freezer. Order on the Scarecrow Kitchen website.

📍 33 Victoria Street East, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

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