6 Most Haunted Places In Auckland That Will Give You A Fright

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Haunted Places In Auckland

It’s time to get spooky! And so, instead of scaring yourself by browsing the news these days with negative lockdown news, why not do it the old-fashioned way? Read about, or even go looking for some actual haunted grounds and spirits. There are a number of haunted places in Auckland that are known for some paranormal activity, so let’s dive into the list and get spooked out, shall we?

I doubt I’ll be getting any sleep after writing this…

1. Carlile House

Carlile House is one of the top haunted places in Auckland. It was an orphanage, remand house, school, hostel and more since it was built in the 1880s. It sits empty today since the 1970s. Rumours say a fire once killed around 43 children here, but confirmation cannot be found. However, passers by have reported hearing children crying from the empty building, and others claim the ghost of a nurse who died in the fire reappears as a ghost inside the building. Spooky, spooky stuff.

2. Puhinui House

There’s been many a heavy suggestion that paranormal activity goes on at this creepy Auckland house, which lies in the historical village of Howick. The house formerly belonged to the McLaughlin Family of Thomas, and then his son, William, in the mid-1800s. There have been reported sightings of the ghost of a woman at the top of the stairs, which is thought to perhaps be the daughter of William McLaughlin. Yep, there’s no way I’m setting foot in this house!

3. Alberton House

Like the other entries so far, Alberton House was built in the Victorian period, in around 1860. This particular spot is a large mansion that houses a big family, originally owned by a Allan Kerr Taylor. The house is now a space for community events, after being gifted to the family in 1972. However, it has a spooky catch. There have been sightings of a woman in Victorian clothing roaming the halls. But, according to accounts, all sightings were friendly, and not-at-all threatening. Indeed, one of the most haunted places in Auckland.


4. Chateau Tongariro

Another one of the most haunted places in Auckland. This large house became an asylum when hospital was damaged in Wellington, which then acted as a centre for Air Force members returning from World War II. Later it became a spot for private accommodation. And there have been some creepy paranormal reports from guests. These include items falling of the table with no one there, cold areas of the room and an uneasy feeling. Some people believe the spirit of a nurse who died on the grounds walk the hall. To top it all off, the former asylum and recuperation centre is also thought to resemble the hotel from The Shining. Yup, that really makes me want to go and spend a night *sprints away*.

5. Kingseat Hospital

Kingseat Hospital is an old psychiatric treatment centre with many a spooky claim to go around. It was open between 1932-1999, when patients were relocated. Histories of abuse to patients and staff is alleged to its name. It laid empty until 2011, after proposals for it to become a prison were rejected. It has had multiple uses since, from being a site for spookers to a paintballing spot to a set for a horror movie. Many have claimed to witness paranormal activity in the walls of the hospital, with ghost sightings, scratching on the walls, cold patches of rooms and more. Yikes.

6. Carrington Psychiatric Hospital

Another psychiatric hospital with some creepy reports to its name. Carrington held large numbers of patients in the 1800s, and is said to have been victim to fires on multiple occasions. In the 130 years it was used as a psychiatric ward, it is thought that hundreds of patients and staff died on the grounds. Reports of paranormal activity are very common here. People have claimed to have been pushed around by forces, lights having a mind of their own, creepy voices calling out when nobody is there, items flying of shelves… You get the idea. The building now holds the Unitec Institute Of Technology. Glad I didn’t have any classes here!

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