9 Most Haunted Places In New Zealand To Spook The Life Out Of You

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Most Haunted In New Zealand

These places are seriously eerie.

If getting spooked excites you then you’ve come to right place. In honour of Halloween, we’ve rounded up the most haunted known places in New Zealand. From creepy famous castles, to frightening hospitals and beaches, there is an array of spooky places across the country. But, be warned some readers may find this distressing. Here are nine of the most haunted places in New Zealand.

1. Larnach Castle

Haunted Places New Zealand
Photo Credit: Larnach Castle

This tourist attraction has award-winning gardens that attracts the masses while visiting Dunedin. However, it is also one of the most haunted places in New Zealand. Allegedly, Larnach watched as his young daughter Katie died of cancer and his two other wives died of illnesses in the castle. Additionally, in 1894, Larnach shot himself after running into money trouble, and learning his son was sleeping with his third wife. Former owners and tourists have reported ghostling sightings, being touched, being pushed, feeling like they are being watched, and more paranormal activity.

πŸ“ 145 Camp Road, Larnachs Castle, Dunedin 9077, New Zealand

2. Spirits Bay

In Maori culture, this place is known for souls departing to the afterlife. According to reports, spirits have been seen strolling along the beach at night, and disappearing at the ancient Pohutukawa tree. It doesn’t seem as eerie as Larnach Castle, but if you love to experience spookiness, pitch a tent nearby, and see can you spot the spirits for yourself.

πŸ“ Aupouri Peninsula, North Island, New Zealand

3. The Carlile House

Urban myths talk of tragedies in this former orphanage that sits surrounded by a razor wire fence. For instance, in 1912, an accidental fire killed over 40 young orphan boys, while another tale states that a nurse was burned alive trying to save the children. Either way, paranormal activities have occurred, with people hearing children crying, children laughing and sightings of a burnt nurse.

πŸ“ Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland, New ZealandΒ 

4. Waitomo Caves Hotel

Haunted Places New Zealand
Photo Credit: Waitomo Caves Hotel

Known as one of the most haunted hotels in New Zealand, people have seen, felt and heard creepy noises and screams, while it is said that former staff members roam the hallways, and a murdered Maori princess often pulls at bedsheets, and moans in the attic. Interestingly, another report claims that a male guest killed himself in room 14 after an encounter with the dead Maori princess, and blood sometimes drips from his bathtub. Plus, a maid’s child who died in the hotel, can sometimes be heard laughing, and hotel guest’s kids have described a mysterious boy following them. Indeed, this hotel is seriously spooky.

πŸ“ Waitomo Caves 3977, New Zealand

5. Napier Prison

Haunted Places New Zealand Prison
Photo Credit: Napier Prison

Since being built in 1862, this place was home to a prison, a mental hospital and an orphanage. Drenched in an eerie atmosphere, you can bet its as creepy as it sounds. Supposedly, serial killers haunt the prison, ghostly faces have been seen, terrifying noises can be heard, and more. The prison even intrigued Ghost Hunters, an international TV series, that filmed here back in 2011. If you’re not a scary cat like myself, you can head on a prison tour to try to encounter the supernatural for yourself.

πŸ“ 55 Coote Road, Bluff Hill, Napier 4110, New Zealand


6. Kingseat Hospital

This chilling former psychiatric hospital was active between 1932 and 1999. Today, people claim it is one of the most haunted places in New Zealand. Allegedly, patients endured horrific abuse, while more nurses died at the hospital than patients, due to apparent emotional and psychological abuse. People claim that ‘grey nurses’ roam the corridors at night, and screams can be heard. Though, Spookers own the property now, and have turned it into a haunted tourist attraction.

πŸ“ 833 Kingseat Road, Karaka, Auckland, New Zealand

7. St James Theatre

Tales of tragedy surrounding performers are deeply attached to this place. For instance, people claim to have heard a wailing woman, who committed suicide after being booed off the stage. Meanwhile, two different performers, Yuri and Stan Andrews, seem to creep around at night, making noises and turning lights on, and a boy’s choir is often heard. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic place to catch an opera show today.

πŸ“ 87/77 Courtenay Place, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

8. Chateau Tongariro Hotel

Haunted Hotels New Zealand
Photo Credit: Chateau Tongariro Hotel

If you fear the dead, then this place will give you shivers down your spine. This luxurious hotel was a former women’s asylum back in the 1940s, and became a centre for Air Force staff after World War II. Hotel guests have declared that doors open and close, and items move on their own, feelings of coldness suddenly appear, while some guests have found their luggage packed, to name a few things.

πŸ“ State Highway 48, Mt Ruapehu 3951, New Zealand

9. Lake Alice Hospital

Haunted New Zealand
Photo Credit: Lake Alice Hospital

Another brutal psychiatric hospital that will have you jumping out of your trousers. Factually, patients and children were subjected to inhumane abuse here, such as electroconvulsive therapy, sexual abuse and physical abuse. Additionally, former staff described being touched and feelings of coldness, and more. The hospital closed in 1999. What happened here is unspeakable, and it reminds us of a disturbing horror film. Certainly, it’s one of the most haunted places in New Zealand.

πŸ“ Lake Alice, Rangitikei, ManawatΕ«-Whanganui, New Zealand

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