9 Ways To Aid Your Mental Health During Restrictions In Auckland

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Mental Health Tips Auckland During Lockdown

As Auckland enters another day of one of the world’s longest lockdowns of 2021, we pine for our pre-pandemic lives, no knowledge of coronavirus, no knowledge of lockdowns. However, this is our new reality and we need to learn how to live with it. Hence why Secret decided to round up a couple of self-care tips to aid your mental health and keep your mood boosted during lockdown measures in Auckland.

1. Scenic Walks

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Without a doubt, the pandemic has had a major impact on our mental health and daily lives. And as life continues with an unpredictable future, we encourage you to get out in nature and embrace scenic routes around Auckland. Exploring nature can increase pleasant feelings, contributing to a better emotional intelligence, reducing stress and blood pressure, and much more. If you live near a stunning walkway, get out of the house and detox.

2. Healthy Eating

Eating clean has various benefits. For instance, by eating good mood foods such as fatty fish, berries and vegetables, it will contribute to your overall wellness and you are less likely to have mood fluctuations. Research has even proven that healthy diets can help fight against depression and anxiety.

3. Uplifting Music

It has been proven that music can have a benefit on your brain chemicals, enhancing intelligence and focus, which is linked to whether you feel relaxed or unhappy. In fact, listening to sad music daily will automatically make you feel worse if you are feeling low already. Therefore, we encourage you to add happy and upbeat songs to your playlist. Undoubtedly, it will help lower stress of restrictions, boost your mood and aid sleep.

4. Treat Yourself

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Self-compassion and rewards are an incredible way to increase your mental health. Therefore, if you are feeling low, you should soothe your soul by treating yourself to some online shopping such as purchasing a new book, clothes or whatever you like. Now, we don’t mean a big blow out on your credit card, just a small bit of nurturing every once in a while. If you are after a self-help book, check out our recent article on the Best Online Book Shop Deliveries To Auckland.

5. Make A Home Spa

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Another way to work towards your happiness is investing time in pampering yourself at home. Turn your phone off, make a face mask, have a hot bath with muscle soak or a steaming shower…all which is guaranteed to restore your mental balance. Studies have proven that steam itself is enough to release toxins, reduce anxiety and brings physical relaxation.


6. Learn To Cook Or Bake

Learning something new is a recipe for better mental health because it offers an escape into a focused activity. People with depression or other anxiety disorders can benefit from cooking and baking as it is therapeutic. Therefore, grab some ingredients from the store, and get going.

7. Practice Mindfulness

Mental Health
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Mindfulness is a superpower. Seriously, immerse yourself in a tranquil world of meditation and manifestation, and you’ll find inner peace that will help you get up and complete daily duties that may seem difficult when you are depressed. Add exercise and yoga to this regime to help calm the brain cells, and stop you from acting on your ego impulses. Indeed, all of this contributes to an overall positive wellbeing.

8. Detox From The News

Here at Secret, we pride ourselves in only sharing positive news. Sometimes, negative news consumption can disrupt your mood. Absolutely, you should be aware about what is going on in the world, but there is benefits in disconnecting from negative stories occasionally. Try checking out our range of uplifting articles.  For example, you could use this time to create an exciting post-covid travel bucket list by reading 17 Of The Greatest Places To Visit In Australia.

9. Picnic In Your Bubble

With summer approaching, it’s the perfect time to get outside for fresh air and have a DIY picnic with people in your bubble. See 9 Of The Most Stunning Picnic Areas In Auckland for tips.

Please remember you are never alone, call the 24-hour free phone number 1737 for support at anytime. Or visit the Mental Health New Zealand website for further assistance. For a reminder of Alert Level 3 rules, visit the Government website.

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