8 Epic Places To Watch The Sunset And Sunrise In Auckland

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Whether you want to capture the perfect shot on your camera, or the perfect shot in your mind, golden hour is one of life’s beauties. Certainly, Auckland has got some iconic places to watch the sunset and sunrise this summer. Hence why we have rounded up eight of the best places to catch the spectacular glowing sky.

1. Devonport

There are plenty of stunning locations to experience a majestic sunrise or sunset in this area of Auckland. Specifically, we love North Head, because of the iconic views of the shores and Auckland city, which makes an epic photo. We recommend going a sunset, perch yourself on the hilltop with a picnic, and take in the therapeutic ocean breeze.

2. Silo Marina 

Aucklanders absolutely love a good Silo sunset. Opt to walk or cycle around the Marina as the red sun sets westward with a backdrop of superyachts and Auckland Harbour. Indeed, you’ll experience the most breathtaking moments, all free of charge.

📍 Jellicoe Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

3. Beach Haven

Experience a magical sunset or sunrise at Beach Haven, in the North Shore area of Auckland. Whether you’re in the surroundings or down on Charcoal Bay, one of Auckland’s best kept secrets, and one of the best picnic spots in Auckland…you’re guaranteed to experience the wonderful views of a pastel sky on the Auckland skyline.

📍 Birkdale, Auckland, New Zealand

4. Waiheke Island


If you’re on Waiheke Island this summer, you can’t miss the wonders of golden hour. Certainly, it’s the closest thing you’ll find to a tropical island sunrise or sundown. With an unpredictable pink and blue pastels, orange and red sky…it’s hard to know what exactly you’ll be treated to. Nevertheless, it will be majestic as the colourful sky reflects the ocean.

5. Mount Hobson

Popular with dog walkers, picnic and hiking enthusiasts, this spot is another fantastic place to witness an enchanting sunset in Auckland. Perch yourself on the grass hill, with mostly 360-degree views of the city, Sky Tower, and more in front of you. Watch in awe as the sun disappears, and the city lights appear. Indeed, one of the most instagrammable sunsets in Auckland.

6. The West Coast

This summer is the perfect opportunity to head to the West Coast to delight in some of the greatest sunsets and sunrises in Auckland. For instance, Piha offers unique black sand beaches, landmarks like Lion Rock, and beautiful unfiltered views of the Tasman Sea. After a day on the beach, you’ll love the golden rays of energy reflecting on your skin.

7. Mission Bay

If you’re feeling a little low, wake up early and get yourself out in nature at Mission Bay to catch the most glorious morning sun. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your day, and boost your mood after the endless weeks of lockdown. Treat yourself to a coffee afterward.

8. Takapuna

Another beautiful spot to experience a special sunrise. Perhaps, one of these mornings, crawl out of bed, grab the lead and take the dog on a lovely walk where you’ll see the sun appear in the distance from Rangitoto Island. Definitely, one of those therapeutic feel-alive moments.

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