8 Greatest Summer Water Adventures In New Zealand For Water Lovers

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Water Fun Adventures New Zealand

Indeed, New Zealand is known as one of the greatest nations for adventurers across the globe. Specifically, we’ve got some of the best adrenaline water experiences known to mankind. And, whether you love stunning seascapes, remote island adventures, diving and other watersports…we’ve got you covered with our list of iconic water adventures in New Zealand for your summer bucket list.

1. Boom Netting

Water New Zealand Experiences
Photo Credit: Fullers GreatSights

This exciting experience involves a group of people riding in a secure net that hangs off the side of a boat. As the boat moves, you’ll feel the thrill of waves splash into you and others as you cling to the net. This water adventure is only available on the The Cream Trip Cruise via Fullers GreatSights. Please check if this activity is operating during COVID-19 restrictions.

📍 Bay Of Islands, Northland, New Zealand 

2. Shark Cage Diving

Best Water Escapes New Zealand
Photo Credit: Shark Experience

Just 45 minutes boat ride from Bluff, come face-to-face with great white sharks off Foveaux Strait and the Northern Titi Islands. Training is provided before hopping into the cage in an area estimated to have over 120 individual great white sharks. If you’d rather sit that one out, there are options to take a beautiful seascape and admire the shark species from afar. For more information, visit the Shark Experience website.

📍 Bluff, South Island, New Zealand

3. Cottle Hill Creek Floating Ark

Five minutes from Kerikeri Village near the Bay of Islands, stay in this unique floating cabin by the award-winning Canopy Camping group. Located on a private lake, on 16-acres of farmland, it’s the perfect place to relax off-the-grid in tranquility with less than four people. Likewise, you can kayak on the lake, interact with plenty of animals and roast marshmallows on the firepit.

📍 Kerikeri, North Island, New Zealand 

4. Poor Knights Island

Another one of the greatest water adventures in New Zealand. Just 23km off the Tutukaka Coast, lies this surreal Nature and Marine Reserve. With spectacular underwater life, from arches and caves, to ancient volcanoes and fish…it is one of the top 10 diving spots on the planet. Go with Dive Tutukaka for the ultimate adventure. Indeed, an unmissable experience for water lovers this summer.

📍 Northland, New Zealand 

5. Trinity Wharf Tauranga Pool


If you love lounging around during the summer, you’ll love the blissful infinity pool at this 4-star hotel. The pool itself looks out to the sea and presents the most majestic sunset views. Just a short drive from attractions in The Coromandel, Bay of Plenty, Hawke’s Bay, and more…you won’t be bored.

📍 51 Dive Crescent, Tauranga 3110, New Zealand

6. Dive Tatapouri

Head to Gisborne to have a surreal world-famous experience interacting with Wild Stingray at Tatapouri Bay on the Reef Ecology Tour. Additionally, you’ll learn interesting information about the reef, your encounters and different species. Certainly, one of the best water experiences in New Zealand.

📍 532 Whangara Road, State Highway 35, Tatapouri Beach, Gisborne 4073, New Zealand

7. Fliteboarding

Water Experiences
Photo Credit: Fliteschool Queenstown

Experience this unique water activity with Fliteschool Queenstown. It involves flying over water on a hydro powered snowboard-like machine. On the stunning Lake Wakatipu, you’ll get a guided 1.5 hour lesson with your package. Certainly, one of the greatest water adventures in New Zealand.

📍 Kelvin Beach, Kelvin Heights, Queenstown, New Zealand

8. Charlies Rock

This famous waterfall and swimming hole can be found surrounded by bush in Kerikeri. During the summer, people love to jump into the hole. Likewise, there are five other waterfalls that link to Charlie’s Rock. The nearest big city is Auckland which is a three hour drive. Perfect for those of you on a summer road trip.

📍 Landing Road, Kerikeri 0294, New Zealand

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