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7 Of The Most Delicious Bakeries In Auckland

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

7 Of The Most Delicious Bakeries In Auckland

We all deserve some lovely snacks at this point in time.

On some days, all that will do is a big ol’ pastry or cake to calm the nerves. Or, maybe you’re just after some of the finest sourdough to have with your lunch! Thankfully, there’s plenty of great spots around to scratch those itches. From rainbow cakes to soft bread to gooey chocolate doughnuts to gingerbread houses —  here are some of the best bakeries in Auckland. [Featured Image: sheri silver, Unsplash].

1. Trigo Bakeshop

Trigo Bakeshop is sure to brighten up your day, even if it’s just that little bit. Take this purple cake, for example. One of these being handed to you, whether it be for a special occasion or just easing a difficult Monday, should be enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Plus, do not fret — the items without the bright colours still fulfil this duty. Cinnamon scrolls, steak bakes and fresh bread from here will have your mouth watering, and your legs scrambling back to the shop for more.

📍 57 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead, 0626.


AMANO deals in all kinds of baked goodness. Once you’re in, you’re in. You won’t be able to resist the temptation of more heaven droplets from here. Their entire produce hits the spot in every way. Whether it’s a quick pain au chocolat in the morning, or a cheeky, stacked up strawberry and vanilla mascarpone doughnut for an afternoon treat, you’re guaranteed to be weak at the knees after your experience. It’s another spot with drool-worthy cinnamon rolls, folks. Who can resist any the temptation of those done right?

📍 66 – 68, Tyler Street, Britomart Place, 1010.

3. Diehl’s Bakery 

Image: Blackforrest Bread, Diehl’s Bakery

Diehl’s bakery brings the traditional sourdough baking of Germany over to Auckland in style. Their bread comes in many shapes and sizes, each created with as much precision as love to satisfy any meal it underscores. Blackforrest bread, Bavarian bread, country and farmers bread are just a few of their many styles. Diehl’s also deal in gorgeous “bretzals”, soft cheesecakes, Danish pastries and much more. It’s at the very top of Auckland’s baking game.

📍 65 Hillside Road, Glenfield, 0627.

4. Tart Bakery

Image: Tart Bakery, Facebook

This spot is crawling with some beautifully designed snacks. Whether it be some fruit-covered Danish pastries, soft cocoa-filled doughnuts or a fresh pain au raisin, you’ll find all the perfect treats to compliment your morning coffee over at Tart Bakery.


📍 555 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, 1021.

5. Paneton Bakery

Paneton Bakery has some heavenly grub available for hungry Aucklanders out there. They have some outstanding savoury and sweet options. If you’re popping in for some lunch, you’d be foolish to skip the mouth-watering Mexican gallete – complete with flaky pastry, eggs, avocado and coriander. Or, for an afternoon snack, there’s frangipane tarts, almond croissants, apple crumble slices and much, much more.

📍 1/21 Halsey Street, Freemans Bay, 1010.

6. Wild Wheat Bakery

Wild Wheat Bakery have multiple locations around Auckland, and are another spot best-known for their gorgeous bread. If there’s one near you, this is a top spot to collect your daily loaf from and gorge out on for every meal. Plus, you can pick up some delightful pastries, doughnuts and lovely olive oil along the way. What’s not to love?

📍 Multiple Locations.

7. The Baker’s Cottage

Image: The Baker’s Cottage, Facebook

The Baker’s Cottage boast a vast array of delectable items that will scratch many an itch. Plus, it’s the right time of year to dig into their beautiful gingerbread houses. I mean, just look how great they are! You’ll also find some glorious celebration cakes to rejoice at any occasion.

📍 2 New Bond Street, Kingsland, 1021.

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