28 Exciting Things To Do In Auckland This December 2021

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28 Exciting Things To Do In Auckland This December 2021

Our usual thrilling list of activities remains different on account of restrictions. Although, we’ve graciously put together a list of fun things to do, whether it be from the comfort of your own home or other cool attractions around Auckland in the new traffic light system. Certainly, you won’t be bored. Here are 28 of the best things to do in Auckland this December.

1. Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Things To Do In Auckland 2021 December
Photo Credit: Smith & Caugheys

Until December 24, make a child happy by taking them to explore the Enchanted Forest at Smith & Caugheys, before meeting Santa Claus. The adventure costs $20 per child, and due to COVID-19, bookings are essential.

📍 261 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 

2. Mary Quant

Mary Quant Exhibition
Photo Credit: Auckland Art Gallery

Fashion enthusiasts will not want to miss this exhibition about fashion icon Mary Quant. The exhibition lands on December 10. Read about it here.

📍 Auckland Art Gallery, Wellesley Street East, Auckland CBD, New Zealand

3. Nature Wins by Deborah Crowe

An artwork installation on Freyberg Place steps is unmissable this December. The commission was created by local artist Deborah Crowe, inspired by her love for greenery urban environments. Feel as if you’re in a blooming bright flower garden while you chill out on the steps. Certainly, a great place for a picture too.

📍 16 Freyberg Place, Auckland CBD, Auckland 

4. Christmas Displays

Get your camera and visit all the magical Christmas decoration displays around the city. For example, pose at the giant Christmas baubles in Te Komititanga, admire beautiful street angels and doves, head to Smith & Caughey’s windows or the illuminating Night Forest, to name a few. Indeed, you’ll capture some gram-approved moments.

📍 Various Locations 

5. Brunches

From December 3, you can finally eat out again due to the new traffic light system. Bookings are required. See our list of the best summer brunches in Auckland to see where you should go.

📍 Various Locations 

6. Auckland Zoo

Animal lovers will enjoy a day at the zoo, which hosts 144 different species, and over 1400 animals, with the biggest diversity of wildlife in New Zealand. Certainly, the perfect summer activity. Book your tickets via the Auckland Zoo website.

📍 Motions Rd, Auckland 1022, New Zealand

7. Picnic

Get out in the sunshine, and go for a delightful picnic in your bubble. Read about all the best picnic spots in Auckland here.

8. Highlife Festival 2021

This festival is still planned to go ahead for now. Indeed, you could spend New Yeats Eve appreciating your love for wine, gorging on fantastic food and listening to world class DJs at this ibiza-style experience.

📍 Ascension Wine Estate, 480 Matakana Road, Matakana 0985, New Zealand

9. Summer Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Auckland
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Get out for a walk, and treat yourself to ice cream from one of the best ice cream shops in Auckland.

10. Instagrammable Places

If you’re lucky enough to live close to one of the most instagrammable places in Auckland, then get yourself dressed up and cheered up, and head out on a insta-worthy adventure.

11. Instagrammable Food Hunt

Courtesy of Secret, check out the most instagrammable food dishes in Auckland, and go on a mission to see for yourself are they really up to scratch. Eateries are allowed to open via bookings on December 2.

📍 Various Locations 


12. Boutique Cinema

On December 2, Auckland cinemas are allowed to open. Why not support the film industry and visit your local cinema. In fact, you could elevate your screen experience by lying back in luxurious chairs, stuffing your face with popcorn and snacks, and catching up on some Hollywood action. For example, The Vic in Devonport or Silky Otter Cinemas are stunning spaces to catch a new blockbuster.

📍 Various Locations

13. Holey Moley Golf Club

From December 3, hospitality can once again open their doors. This quirky chain offers an entertaining and multi-sensory mini golf experience paired with bizarre cocktails and tasty food. Likewise, there are plenty of picture-perfect moments in this house of fun. For bookings, visit the Holey Moley website.

📍 204 Quay Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

The below are fun things you can do at home amid restrictions:

14. Order Christmas desserts

Christmas offers the perfect excuse to indulge in all the greatest food porn. And, of course, what beats Christmas desserts? Order a selection of Christmas desserts this month. Read all about them here.

15. Game Night

Best Things To Do
Photo Credit: Unsplash

From Pictionary and puzzles, creative games like charades to a treasure hunt for chocolates…you won’t be bored. And let’s not forget about the endless amount of group game apps available on our mobiles.

16. Movie Marathon

Entertain yourself with a Netflix movie, from thrillers to crime to documentary films, check out our list of the greatest Netflix movies to watch.

17. Food Deliveries

Settle those fast food cravings by ordering a delightful delivery right to your front door. Check out our favourite Level 3 food deliveries here.

18. Zoom Quiz

Things To Do
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Gather all your mates, schedule a zoom night quiz competition, and get ready for some bellyaches of laughter. Opt to base your quiz on general world knowledge, or to make it even more comical, test your friends on how well they know you and each other. All you need is a dedicated quiz master, and you’re all ready to go.

19. New Hobby

Things To Do 2021
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Why not be productive and pick up a new hobby such as learning a new language, starting a new podcast, beginning yoga and meditation, starting to write, or anything else you have been eager to do, but just can’t find the time.

20. Global Food Experience

Things To Do Lockdown
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Treat your household to an authentic experience by switching it up and cooking foods from around the globe. For instance, Monday could be Mexican Mondays, where you cook only Mexican dishes, Tuesdays could be for Thai food, Wednesdays for traditional French grub, and so on.

21. Start a new TV Show

Lucky for you, Netflix is constantly buzzing with surreal new shows. Check out the best new Netflix shows to binge-watch this month here.

22. Viewpoint Walks

Lockdown Things To Do
Photo Credit: Unsplash

From beaches to green hillsides, Auckland has some iconic viewpoints. Therefore, if you’re lucky enough to live near one, head out on your quick daily walk or run, and take in the delightful scenery at these landmarks. The combination of exercise and fresh air are a great way to reduce anxiety and stress, and keep you sane during restrictions.

23. Hone Your Cooking Skills

Photo Credit: Unsplash

If you are atrocious at cooking, perhaps, this is the time to invest in your cooking skills. Read cookbooks, get to know ingredients and tools to use in the kitchen, and experiment with new recipes. Get your household to taste your recipes, and give their opinions.

24. Dessert-Making

We recently compiled a list of the best desserts in the world, so why not try making these delicious delicacies at home. Indeed, a fantastic activity to do with kids or your housemates.

25. Auckland Art Gallery Virtually

Art lovers will adore access to selected art exhibitions at Auckland Art Gallery. Opt for either an insightful family experience with fun facts and activities, a tour with stories on the artworks or an in-depth exhibition experience with extended information for enthusiasts. For more information, visit the Auckland Art Gallery website.

26. Read A New Book

Got no books at home? No problem, we’ve listed the fastest and most reliable online bookstore deliveries to Auckland.

27. Watch A Comedy

Comedies are a fantastic way to escape and to boost your mood. We’ve listed the best comedies available to stream on Netflix now.

28. Shared Platters

If you’re seeking the perfect catch up with friends or family after endless weeks of lockdown, shared platters are just the thing to beat. See where you can get the best shared platters in Auckland here.

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