8 Of The Very Best Romantic Places To Kiss In Auckland

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8 Of The Very Best Romantic Places To Kiss In Auckland

The ultimate guide to Auckland’s most romantic spots this Valentine’s day.

February 14 is nearly upon us, and love is in the air. Although you may associate other cities with love and romance, Auckland still has some pretty romantic spots. Whether it’s taking a sunset-coloured walk or having a cosy sit on a patch of grass, there’s plenty of romance-infused locations here. [Featured Image: Image: Steven Biak Ling, Unsplash].

1. Takapuna Beach

Image: Takapuna Beach

Ah, yes. Nothing quite beats watching the waves drift slowly in and out of the shore, sound tracking the sun kissing Auckland goodnight. Talking of kissing, that wouldn’t be a bad setting for a sign of affection to your significant other now, would it? You can never go wrong with a beach in most aspects of life, and that definitely applies to love.

2. Mount Victoria

Image: Kirsten Drew

What’s more romantic than a view of the city from a distance? Not much really, to be quite honest. Auckland’s picturesque skyline helps in that regard, but it really is the perfect place to find a bench, or a patch of grass, and spend some quality time with your partner.

3. Sky Tower

Image: Adana Hulett

While it might not be quite as romantic as some other spots, this is the most recognisable piece of architecture in the city, and so you might as well add it to the list of places to kiss, eh? Either just to say you’ve done it, or to feel the tall piece of Auckland’s centre towering over you as you share a moment with your loved one.

4. Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge is a lovely part of the city for a romantic night-time stroll. This is made even better when the bridge is lit up for an event. Catch the wonderful lights at the bridge this month for Auckland Pride Festival, from February 16.


5. Mount Eden

Image: Steven Biak Ling, Unsplash

Another beautiful landmark to gaze over the city with your partner as you surround yourself with nature. This is the highest natural point of the city, and is the ultimate spot to catch a sunrise or a sunset. Romance is alive up there.

6. Waikowhai Park

A beautiful park that doubles as a relaxing coastal walkway for the perfect day out. After a morning spent hiking through the trails you’ll find plenty of lovely spots to catch a romantic view with your partner.

7. The Lightpath

Image: Dan Freeman

Again, it’s a very recognisable part of the city, but is also one that can also be made very romantic. For one, it’s pink which will conjure up those love-heart themed feelings and it’s lovely to have a walk along, with views of Auckland’s beauty.

8. Auckland Domain

Image: Thant Zin Oo

Surround yourself with history, as you stroll through the oldest park in Auckland. Along with the historical monuments, you’ll be walking over the explosion crater and most of the surrounding tuff ring of the Pukekawa volcano. While the volcano may be extinct, living life on the edge like that has gotta be romantic, eh?

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